Friday, June 18, 2010

mid terms tommorrow..

wow, it is finally mid terms tomorrow.. I am excited and nervous at the same time..ooh than the final .so time is flying by.. I had a test run today of the dome and the styling.. I did well so hopefully I will do great tomorrow.. I will let u know!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Semester:)

well, so far I am hanging tough in class:) I have learned the dome pretty successfully. I did not think I could do that. I still need some practice to be perfect. I will do that a lot this week as it is Mid terms on Saturday. I turned in my photo project for the photography mid term, that was challenging but, I did it!! For the dome mid term, we have to model lingerie just like if it was a fashion show! I am excited but, a little nervous!~

Friday, June 11, 2010

omggggggggggg I placed third tonight in the Star wars/Si Fi Styling Contest

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG omg.. I can't believe it.. I placed third in the Star Wars styling Contest!!!

my card:
Good Evening, Ladies and Gents, I am Ariana Kalinakov, tonight's theme is star wars.I am padme I am fighting for my life in a big battle with anakin and obi won. I have
my trusty sword from vista and my super blaster gun. I am wearing an outfit partly of my own creation which is the shirt, pants and gloves.The dark black cloak is a goth cape who the source is unknown where I got it. I am also wearing a standard issue uniform belt in silver and black, my lovely battle boots are white silk prim
boots from LP, a girl still has to stylish in the war!! I also wearing silver hoops by GD.

Hair is by:Yadil in beloved Burgundy which is Flex
Skin: Redgrave Rihana Pale
Eyes: Exodi Au Natural Eyes
Ali and Ali brows and Hair base

thank you,
Ariana Kalinakov

Thanks to my dear Friend Mali, she showed me how to design basic clothes...mwah ty so much..

school~6-11-2010 .Photography

well, today we learned how to take an avatar and put it from a green background to a white background. It was pretty challenging but it is done. I am still learning the dome and now have mastered how to load and change my ao. The only thing is to sync it with the dome stage. I will test that tommorrow.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

school so far

Well, I have learned a lot so far, I learned how to make a blog, I learned what Arc is and how to curb lag in second life. I also just learned the dome formation. This was my first day it and boy! do I need practice!! I will do it everyday I can:) The teachers here are so patient with us!!! I also learned how to perfect my model shape and maybe...get my clothes in order! Gee, going to take the whole month to do that LOL..


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Magazine June 2010 Second Life Classic Glamour Style Magazine -I am in the Video~~ First one!!

I am so honored and excited that I was chosen to be in 2 U Tube shots for the video for the June 2010 issue of Second Life Classic Glamour Style Magazine. I was featured in two shots.
I am wearing a 4th of July outfit designed by Ms. Anrol Anthony. I am wearing the long version. I also was featured in a stunning gown from House of Europe.!! Thank you giving me this opportunity.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Class

Today we had to learned how to create a Blog . The instructor Iguisa Mildor was an excellent teacher for this. She was very patient and answered our questions.. I can't wait to learn more!!