Friday, June 11, 2010

omggggggggggg I placed third tonight in the Star wars/Si Fi Styling Contest

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG omg.. I can't believe it.. I placed third in the Star Wars styling Contest!!!

my card:
Good Evening, Ladies and Gents, I am Ariana Kalinakov, tonight's theme is star wars.I am padme I am fighting for my life in a big battle with anakin and obi won. I have
my trusty sword from vista and my super blaster gun. I am wearing an outfit partly of my own creation which is the shirt, pants and gloves.The dark black cloak is a goth cape who the source is unknown where I got it. I am also wearing a standard issue uniform belt in silver and black, my lovely battle boots are white silk prim
boots from LP, a girl still has to stylish in the war!! I also wearing silver hoops by GD.

Hair is by:Yadil in beloved Burgundy which is Flex
Skin: Redgrave Rihana Pale
Eyes: Exodi Au Natural Eyes
Ali and Ali brows and Hair base

thank you,
Ariana Kalinakov

Thanks to my dear Friend Mali, she showed me how to design basic clothes...mwah ty so much..

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