Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Semester:)

well, so far I am hanging tough in class:) I have learned the dome pretty successfully. I did not think I could do that. I still need some practice to be perfect. I will do that a lot this week as it is Mid terms on Saturday. I turned in my photo project for the photography mid term, that was challenging but, I did it!! For the dome mid term, we have to model lingerie just like if it was a fashion show! I am excited but, a little nervous!~

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  1. OMG Ari I'm really nervous for this midterm as well!! On the last fashion show I was looking at every move the girls did, and it helped me out for the Dome formation! Just need to perfectionate it, and work hard to get a good grade! Thursday night i'm gonna walk walk walk lol.

    well send me an IM if you want to practice with me and another girl the Dome ok?

    See ya in class!!! (can't believe modelling school is almost over!!!) °°°kissez°°°